handyman statisticsHandyman Statistics 2022-2021

• Handyman services only employ about 7.6% women
• Private investment is the biggest factor supporting handyman services
• Handymen jobs will increase 8% between 2020 and 2030
• Homeowners and property managers employ most handymen
• Home and building owners increasingly rely on handyman services
• Average handyman salaries vary greatly by state
• U.S. home service market generates $105.55 billion annually
• Handyman service revenue grew by 6.2% in 2018

Handyman Facts 2022-2021

  1. One of the most fascinating and disturbing statistics was reported by
    zippia.com. Although there are more than 91,120 handyman services nationwide, only 7.6% of employees are women. The average age of handymen is 46, and the industry has plenty of room to target younger employees and women. Women only earn 96% as much as men. Only about 5% of handymen reveal a LGBT persuasion. Demographically, the most common race of handymen is white at 64.4%. That’s followed by Hispanic or Latino at 20.9% and black or African-American at 8.9%. The largest number of handyman services are located in New York, New York, and Phoenix, Arizona. The top 10% of handymen earn as high as $106,000 per year.
  2. Private investment ranks as the top factor supporting handyman industry growth. According to a post at ibisworld.com, private investment handyman services remains insulated from the volatility of the industry generated by the mortgage crisis and ups and downs of the home construction. Home construction has now rebounded in 2021, and that means more opportunities for handyman services and greater investments from private investors. Industry predictions forecast continued growth over the next several years, and private investment should also increase proportionately.
  3. According to information psyed at bls.gov, the job outlook for general maintenance workers is for 8% growth between 2020 and 2030. There are currently 152,300 openings for general maintenance workers who earn average salaries of $40,850 as of May of 2020. Many of these jobs originate when existing workers move onward for better pay or new job opportunities. These workers maintain and repair machines, equipment and buildings as de facto handymen. Their work environments include outdoor work, single buildings, hotels, motels, apartment complexes and college campuses.
  4. An article posted a bplans.com reveals two distinct handyman market segments: homeowners and property managers. Many of these choose handyman franchises or independent handyman for projects that are too small to hire a major contractor and too complicated for the manager or homeowner to handle themselves. Some customers call someone they know regardless of the operation’s size or credentials. That means highly visible neighborhood handymen have an increased position of strength in landing often lucrative jobs. Word-of-mouth referrals often favor handymen with local roots and a history of providing satisfactory services. Those who provide exemplary service stand to gain even more new and repeat business from the neighborhood pipeline.
  5. Home and commercial building owners rely ever more heavily on handyman services. According to an article posted at chron.com, the small services often provide better service than their larger counterparts, and they’re often more flexible, quicker to respond and capable of handling most repairs. Owners hire handymen services to repair plumbing problems, fix malfunctioning appliances, repair electronics and electrical components and install drywall. Handymen also paint, install flooring and carpeting, remodel kitchens and handle basic carpentry work of all types. Although most handymen don’t have advanced training or certifications, their customers seem happy with their handymen’s enthusiasm, general repair skills and willingness to tackle any job. They also commonly have a personal relationship with their local handyman, which accounts for lots of repeat business.
  6. According to an article discussing average handyman salaries posted at chron.com, average handymen salaries can vary widely based on geographic location, skills and work experience. Handymen perform repairs and general maintenance — such tasks as insulating, welding, carpentry, mechanical and electrical repairs and pipe fitting. The job doesn’t require any formal education, but many workers learn their skills from observation and mentors, vocational training programs, community colleges and trade schools. The BLS reports that handymen in Alaska earn the highest pay, possibly because the demanding weather limits contractors and repair options. Massachusetts, Connecticut and the District of Columbia pay higher than average salaries. California homeowners and commercial business owners employ the most informal maintenance workers of any state.
  7. According to a post at verifiedmarketresearch.com, the U.S. home service market generates $105.55 billion in annual revenue as of 2018. Experts predict that the market will grow at an annual CAGR of 35.81% between 2019 and 2026. The reason for the extraordinary growth rates is due to an upturn in the economic outlook, an increasing number of service providers, more efficient platforms for placing orders and an increasing GNI rate per person, which stands for gross national income. The growing millennial population also increases urbanization and its need for repairs and upgrades of existing property.
  8. A report posted at loveinfographics.com reveals that the number of handyman employees grows 4% each year, and California, New York, Texas and Florida lead the states in employing the most. Revenue generated by handyman services grew by 6.2% in 2018, which nearly doubled the total number of employees only four years previously in 2014. Homeowners are less willing to move or sell their property because of increased difficulty finding high paying jobs. That convinces homeowners to choose repairs and renovations, and handymen offer better prices and better returns on investment than larger construction companies. This increases the demand for handymen across the board.
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